Mamy poko

Producer Unicharm Corporation. 

“Unicharm” corporation has started their business by producing women’s sanitary napkins in 1963. Today, Unicharm Corporation’s productsare sold in over 80 countries including India, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil and they have branches in 35 countries. 

 “Tavanbogd International” LLC became an official distribution partner of Unicharm Corporation in 2001 and introduced Sofy brand to the Mongolian market. In 2003, we introduced and started to supply MamyPoko baby diapers to the customers, now it has become one of the most satisfying and well known products in the Mongolian market.

Mamypoko product specification:

Product feature: 

  • Main absorbent layer including all surfaces are made with cotton.
  • Flexible waist prevents fluid from flowing into baby’s backside. Designed to provide comfort.
  • Soft re-attachable tape is made for easy multiple releases.
  • For newborn babies, MamyPoko gives benefit for navel protection groove.
  • NB and S sizes have fluid measurement.
  • The updated design is made with new air circulation technology, which keeps the baby’s skinDRY and comfortable.

Advantage of product:

  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Mamypoko brand is result of 56 years of constant research and manufactured by Japan’s No.1 diaper manufacturer Unicharm specifically for Mongolian children.
  • Absorbs liquid for 12 hours
  • Speed waves will absorb liquids instantly
  • Comfartable and cotton soft

New Born (№1) 2-5 kg 30 pieces

New Born (№1) 2-5 kg 66 pieces

S (№2) 4-8 kg 28 pieces

S (№2) 4-8 kg 60 pieces

M (№3) 6-11 kg 23 pieces

M (№3) 6-11 kg 50 pieces

M (№3) 6-11 kg 76 pieces

L (№4) 9-14 kg 19 pieces

L (№4) 9-14 kg 39 pieces

L (№4) 9-14 kg 62 pieces

XL (№5) 12-17 kg 16 pieces

XL (№5) 12-17 kg 33 pieces

XL (№5) 12-17 kg 52 pieces