About us

“Tavan Bogd International Co., Ltd” has been one of the major importers of well-known global brands in household and beauty product category in Mongolia since its establishment in 1998.

Today, the company has 30% of share in the Mongolian household and beauty product category with more than 200 employees and distribution channels in 21 Aimags.

The company is an official distributor of a number of leading global brands, including MamyPoko diapers and Sofy sanitary napkins from Unicharm, Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive shampoos and soaps, Double Rich shampoo from LG, and New Top laundry soaps. As one of the largest importers of food products to the Mongolian market, it is also an official distributor of Heinz, Typhoo, Bunge and John West brands. Some of its most popular products include Heinz ketchup, Heinz sauces, Oleina sunflower oil and John West tuna.

The company imports over 400 different products from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Georgia, England, and Russia.

Vision, Mission, Value

For the Mongolian people of global stature

To help every family lead a happier life through placing the choicest FMCGs within their grasp at physical and emotional level

Management philosophy

Seeking the essence of matters according to truths and principles and doing what is right as a human being

Management rationale

To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees and, through our joint effort, exceed the expectations of customers and contribute to the advancement of society

Customer, consumer

Our customers and consumers are the foundation of our very existence. It is our duty as a responsible citizen of the civilised society to identify the dynamics of the changing requirements of the demanding customers and discerning consumers, and to excel in exceeding the fulfilment of the same. The growth in value our customers and consumers receive from our hard work and the increasing degree of satisfaction that they attribute to our service will ensure the sustainable growth of our organisation and the real contribution to the economy and the society at large.

Company Employees

The most valuable assets to our organisation are our employees, who create the value in the name of our organisation for the good of the society, and make real our Vision, Mission and Management rationale. Because organisational development and human resources development go hand-in-hand, we shall implement a sustainable policy on human resources development that is fair, ethical and impartial.It is our organisation’s utmost duty, therefore, in front of our employees united under common vision and objectives that we provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees.


We will ensure sustainable development of our organisation by doing what we do according to the truths and principles of universal holding, expanding our business continuously and growing our revenues constantly. From the added values such created, we must invest in new ideas, business and human resources development. Reserves must be created for new developments, capital be purchased and opportunities explored to improve efficiency and increase competitiveness. When all these are paid for, our stockholders should realise a fair return on their stock according to free market principles. As the company’s incomes and assets grow in a healthy manner over time, so too do dividends paid out and market value of the company.

Social Responsibility

We must adhere to the Mongolian legal framework and ethical standards at all times in undertaking our duties held in front of the customers, consumers, employees and stockholders. In addition, we will seek ways to make real contribution to the larger society we exist in by identifying, driving and supporting comprehensive public initiatives that are in line with our vision, mission and management rationale in ways that may not hinder our daily operations. Tavan Bogd International allocated over 100 million tugrug for corporate social responsibility initiatives in 2015 and 90 million of allocated budget is spent to improve well-being of infant and mother. Implementation of our corporate social responsibility operation is not only focus on granting aid for mother and infant but also delivering vital supplies for maternity hospitals all over Mongolia. One of the biggest corporate social responsibility projects, implemented in 2015, was improvement of interior-scape of National Health Centre of Mother and Infant and we allocated specific percentage of our MamyPoko brand diaper’s sale to improve online register section and waiting hall.



Awarded “Best Company” under the nomination of creating more jobs in the community from Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Received an award of “Company of the Year” from Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Awarded “Best Company” under the nomination ofcreating social responsibility in the community from Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Received an award of “Nation’s Top 100 Organization” from Mongolian State Government and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry